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How to choose a children's trolley bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
At the beginning of last year's school, the students were no longer lively and disorderly. They changed their bodies and became elegant models. They pulled the fashionable children's trolley bags and walked into their classrooms with catwalk. This is not, the children's trolley bag has gone out of a trend among the children. How to choose the fashionable children's trolley bag? 1. The selection of the pull rod the important point of the pull rod bag naturally lies in the firmness of the pull rod. The material of the pull rod generally chooses metal, and the thick metal will be stronger, so when choosing, hit the surface of the pull rod with your finger, the smaller the sound, the thicker it is. The way to select the pull rod in the process is to gently press the pull rod button and stretch it up and down to see if it is smooth? Shake left and right to see if it can shake. The shaking amplitude is between about 1 cm. If there is no shaking, it is easy to get stuck. Except, children's age is basically 3- 6 years old, there is no advantage in height, so the choice of pull rod is 2- The 3-section trolley bag can be used to meet the height of the child and protect the healthy growth of the child. 2. The selection of wheels pull rod schoolbags also need wheels to be implemented. Wheels usually use unidirectional wheels. Unidirectional wheels are characterized by durability and are suitable for cement roads and loess roads. The design of the wheels will be designed on both sides of the bottom of the bag. Professional wheel openings will be used in the bottom, and the bottom will be set as PVC plates, etc. to ensure that the wheels are separated from the inside of the bag, does not affect the storage of schoolbags. 3. The quality of the schoolbag itself is a common children's schoolbag, which can be pulled on the back. When choosing ordinary schoolbags, we should pay attention to the design of thick and waterproof materials, thick and breathable shoulder straps and heavy belts, while the interior should be reasonably designed, children's books, stationery, water cups, etc. can be stored separately.
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