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How to choose a camera bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
For photography enthusiasts, the camera bag is the home for storing cameras and must be warm and safe; Nowadays, photography has become a favorite product of the public, because photography can record the journey during the journey and record the memories in life. Therefore, whether it is a photographer or a person in your life, a safe and secure camera bag is a crucial photographic protection factor. The following is the purchase knowledge of the camera bag. How to choose a camera bag? 1. The main material of the camera bag. For all luggage categories, material is the most basic factor, as is the case for camera bags. The materials selected for the camera bag should be strong and durable first, while in terms of material function, the camera bag should be waterproof and fireproof. There are two common materials for camera bags, one is nylon (Nylon), Characterized by waterproof, wear-resistant, not easy to wear; The second is canvas. Canvas has the advantages of being very close-fitting, comfortable, easy to wash and more abundant appearance design. However, canvas itself is not waterproof, only some waterproof protective materials are added to the surface of canvas, or when the waterproof layer is added between the two pieces of canvas, it has the function of waterproof, so the choice of canvas camera bag should be tested for waterproof treatment. 2. The compartment design of the camera bag. When there was a camera bag in the early days, the style material was cardboard. The cardboard frame camera bag can be used at normal temperature, and it is easy to generate moisture when it meets the south wind or the field camera bag, which can easily affect the service life of the camera bag. Today's camera bags generally use thicker Sponge plates and breathable cotton plates as the grid. On the one hand, they are made of solid grid backing, and on the other hand, they can effectively reduce vibration. 3. Size Selection of camera bag. The specification parameters of the camera bag are usually expressed in its three-dimensional size. From about the volume specifications count camera bag of design divided into xiu zhen bao, small package, medium package and large package; From the traditional design, the camera bag is divided into shoulder bag, backpack and waist bag. When choosing a camera package, it can be decided according to the number of days of activities and the specific content of activities.
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