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How to choose a backpack custom manufacturer?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
With the continuous saturation of global resources, the Chinese market has gradually formed'Customer Centric' The trend of tailor-made services has continuously expanded to every service industry, of which the gift customization of enterprises is the most obvious. Enterprise gift customization has driven the personalized customization of stationery, luggage and accessories. Backpack customization is highly reused because it adapts to various activity places such as enterprise product promotion activities, business activities and employee welfare gifts, therefore, choosing a good backpack manufacturer is the key point to determine the quality of corporate gifts. So, how to choose a backpack custom manufacturer? The quality of a backpack is always emphasized in the luggage every time. Its key points are durability and environmental protection. Enterprises can choose any material for customizing backpacks, but attention must be paid to environmental protection. The investigation report of the luggage industry in 2014 shows that the low-end market of luggage in our country is rampant. They are scattered in various small commodity wholesale cities and stalls. 80% of the bags are low-end products made by some small factories and workshops because of lack of funds, many enterprises are relatively weak in hardware production facilities and software research and development talents, and the phenomenon of cutting corners is relatively serious. The quality of the bags and ornaments produced is poor, without design, without personality and without guarantee, and some also use a large number of toxic raw materials, harmful to human health. Therefore, when we choose a backpack manufacturer, we can judge whether the manufacturer's quality system is perfect from the backpack model sent by the manufacturer. Second, the backpack custom carrying system the backpack custom carrying system is checked from the backpack size and carrying accessories. The size requirement of the backpack is determined according to the requirements of the enterprise and the rationality of the design. A backpack that conforms to the body shape can definitely reduce the load on the body. Therefore, when enterprises ask for size requirements, they can choose one of the girls and boys in the company to measure the length of the spine for reference. When measuring the length of the ridge, it should be along the spine, and the seventh section of the spine protruding from the back of the neck when the head is lowered (C7) Measure to the uppermost level of pelvis, and then take the average number of girls and boys and provide it to the manufacturer. Professional backpack carrying accessories are made of three belts (Straps, belts, chest straps)And back width cotton composition. The length of the straps, belt and chest strap should be considered to avoid the situation that the straps are asymmetric, the chest strap is not in the right position, and the belt is too short; The back Cotton plays a role in carrying cushioning, shock resistance and air permeability, especially in outdoor backpacks. On the inspection of the backpack samples sent by the backpack manufacturers, we can judge the details of the backpack manufacturers to handle the details and the quality requirements. When choosing a backpack custom manufacturer, you can see the backpack manufacturer's custom ability from the manufacturer's backpack model, and you can also judge the manufacturer's emphasis on the enterprise. Xilong luggage customization factory has more than ten years of luggage experience, providing OEM/ODM services to customers. The factory has an independent Version development team, which can be in 3- Proofing and sending to customers within 5 days, the ability to play the board is a custom manufacturer of luggage with both quality and efficiency in the industry, and is your trustworthy luggage manufacturer.
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