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How to choose a backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Modern computers are no longer high-tech products. With the progress of the times, they have evolved into special products for business people. Almost every 10 office workers have computers in 11, the demand for computer backpacks is naturally the same proportion. The computer bag has evolved from the inner bag to the laptop bag, and now the shoulder computer bag is owned by everyone, because the backpack is more in line with the current life, how to choose the shoulder computer backpack? The following is a key introduction from the shoulder computer backpack. The first lies in his overall material. The main task of the backpack is to protect the computer, and also to place documents, so the material needs to be waterproof and strong, can withstand the weight of Office documents and computers at the same time. The general material of the backpack is nylon, and the density is 300D- 1680D varies, depending on the style. The second is his shoulder strap. There are two types of shoulder straps for the computer backpack. The shoulder straps of the mesh material can reasonably adjust the air permeability of the body, and effectively keep the distance from the shoulders to reduce the weight of the shoulders. The shoulder straps of the diving material are less breathable than the mesh material, but the shoulder protection will be better. The third is to carry the system. The carrying system of the backpack is divided into shoulder strap, belt and back design. The belt requires that the backpack be effectively fastened to the body to achieve'People pack one' , The effect of relaxed activities, and the back needs to have a certain air permeability and shock resistance, not direct damage to the back.
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