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How to check the quality of a backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
By the end of the year, many enterprises have the need to customize backpacks. Backpacks are both practical and fashionable. Customizing a creative backpack as an employee's year-end gift will definitely receive good results. However, some enterprises do not understand the luggage industry, do not know what details need to pay attention to custom backpacks. In fact, the gift backpack is the most exquisite quality, quality determines the role of the gift backpack. So, how to check the quality of the backpack? How to check the quality of a backpack? First, check the shape of the backpack. The process of unpacking in the luggage factory usually adopts manual unpacking. The quality of unpacking directly affects the shape of the backpack, while the table top is basically a purely manual process, and the backpack made by a skilled master will be beautiful and exquisite. Generally speaking, the apprentice in the wrist, zipper, corner processing is not reasonable enough, will directly affect the shape of this backpack. Second, check the material of the lining. The cloth inside is very important, but many manufacturers cut corners in this link, using very poor cloth or small pockets and sideline lines without cars in place, etc. , which is easy to break lines and lead to loopholes, thus affecting the quality of the backpack. Third, check hardware, zippers and other accessories. Hardware is an important standard to judge the quality of backpacks. Good quality hardware has bright and thick luster and no burrs, especially zippers. Good manufacturers have smooth zipper feel and lubrication. Generally, the backpacks of good manufacturers use imported glue, with less volatile acidic substances, and the hardware is not easy to change color. Fourth, check the situation of the car line. The line on the backpack can best reflect its quality. The line must be straight first. Moreover, it is necessary to look at the tightness of the line. The line of the backpack with poor quality is very loose and can be picked out with a light pick, such inferior backpacks are easy to rot and are not durable. Customized backpacks looking for Xilong bags, we specialize in helping enterprises to customize gift backpacks manufacturers, can be customized to sample, can also be tailored to provide more professional, better quality backpack custom services, it is a trustworthy cooperative manufacturer.
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