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How to check the custom-made quality of Guangzhou luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level, all kinds of bags have become indispensable accessories around people. Guangzhou luggage is one of the most famous places for luggage, which is famous for its good quality and rich styles. How to check the custom-made quality of Guangzhou luggage? 1. The cloth is easily judged by comparison. The cloth used for making luggage is different from the clothing cloth, that is, the blasting coefficient and toughness of the cloth must be very high. Some rare ones include denim, canvas, Oxford cloth, hemp cloth, microfiber cloth, etc. Fabrics can be selected according to customers' preference, and the functionality of fabrics is best verified by Guangzhou luggage factory. 2. The plastic material of luggage factory is actually the most widely used at present. The rubber material is called natural leather. Since it is'Natural'Of course, the changes are endless and varied. Thickness, hardness, pattern, chemical composition, etc. And you often hear Pu skin and two-layer skin and so on, Pu skin and two-layer skin are actually rubber material is not'Genuine Leather'. The thickness of individual medium cowhide and old cowhide is too thick, and the leather processing factory will cut into two or more pieces. The top one maintains the cortical features and grain structure. 'First layer cowhide' , And the second and third sheets are very thin and have no cortical plant protein structure and toughness. Therefore, the processing has to add a layer to its outer surface. 'PU” That is, Chemical Rubber, this kind of fabric is called'PU leather'Or two layers of leather. Today's skills have actually been able to have'Five layers of leather'Yes. If the paint is bright chemical paint, it is called'Patent leather'. 3, the price of leather is absolutely expensive, let's call the first layer of the original skin as'Genuine Leather'. It has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, texture, special breath, elasticity, quick recovery after embossing with fingers. Which luggage factory in Guangzhou has good quality? Xilong luggage factory can be selected. Before Xilong bags and suitcases, the business of the custom manufacturer of Xilong bags and suitcases is based on the market of bags and suitcases in Guangdong province, radiating to the developed Pearl River Delta cities such as Foshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Qingyuan, etc, with unremitting efforts and development power, Xilong luggage will now fully expand to all luggage markets in China. The company respects'Practical, hard work, responsibility' The enterprise spirit, create a good enterprise environment, with brand-new management mode, perfect technology, thoughtful service and excellent quality as the foundation for survival, we always adhere to the principle of 'customer first' and serve customers attentively, and insist on using our own services to impress customers. It is a luggage factory that you deserve to entrust.
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