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How to check the bearing capacity of luggage fasteners?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Buckles are very common in our real life, such as some shoes, backpacks, hats and so on, but they seldom care about the quality of their buckles, but buckles are used on bags, it pays great attention to its quality, not only its design, but also its material bearing capacity. In order to test the bearing capacity of luggage fasteners, it is necessary to test the stress of several aspects. I. Tensile test, this kind of tensile test buckle bearing force is through two test methods of instantaneous tensile force and lasting tensile force, and instantaneous tensile force is the strength of the test buckle, the lasting tension is the length of time the test buckle can bear. Second, the temperature test, the temperature test is mainly tested in high temperature and low temperature, this is mainly to test the temperature tolerance of the buckle. Third, the salt spray test, this test is mainly to detect the anti-salinity of the buckle, check whether the luggage buckle is suitable for maritime transportation. There are many ways to check the quality of luggage fasteners, but the above methods can also satisfy the judgment of their quality. If you choose to customize the luggage manufacturers, these methods also have their own uses, and they are enough to judge the strength and integrity of the luggage manufacturers. Xiao Bian recommends Xilong bags and bags to you here. It has been 12 years since Xilong was established. It has strong technical capital, professional research and development team, perfect factory facilities and experienced operators, luggage production, quality is guaranteed.
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