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How to arrange Labor Day in 2015?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
The May Day national holiday is always on Friday, and it is also a holiday after the Spring Festival holiday. How can we cherish this small holiday and relax, then how to arrange it? First, voluntary labor travel, May Day natural Labor should be advocated, holiday is to do what you love to do. Don't be lazy at home during the holiday. It can help parents clean the housework and be considerate of their daily fatigue; Or take the duty line and go out to do a volunteer work to serve the people. Second, short-distance travel and sightseeing, May Day is a small holiday, choose to go out of the house, visit the great rivers and mountains is also an excellent choice. 1- For a 3-day short-distance travel holiday, you can choose a Travel Backpack. If you choose, you can choose about 40L. Because the lady's body is small, it is best to choose a backpack of about 30L, clothes and supplies that can be stored for two days. But if you want to camp, it is best to use a travel backpack of about 50L. During the May Day holiday, enterprises will also take this team to travel or distribute gifts to care for their employees. At this time, a practical and grade-free travel backpack is nothing more than meeting the urgent needs of employees, and the backpack is not afraid of more and more. Because the best way to extend the life of the backpack is to exchange and interuse, durable.
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