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How to apply the popular colors in luggage manufacturing?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Bags and bags are widely used in our daily life. For example, when traveling, you can choose a travel backpack and a travel luggage case; When going to outdoor mountaineering, you can choose outdoor mountaineering bags; When you go to school, choose your schoolbag and so on. The color choice of luggage is very important, which is linked to the trend of the times. So, in a wide variety of luggage market, how should popular colors be applied to make luggage? 1. Single popular color using any single popular color used in luggage design can achieve an unexpected effect. 2. A variety of popular color combinations of hue the use of a variety of color combinations can achieve the effect of color harmony and unity. If attention is paid to increasing the layering of lightness and purity during design, the color effect of luggage will be better. 3. The combination of adjacent popular colors uses the combination of adjacent colors to enrich the color matching. 4. A variety of popular color combinations when using a variety of popular color combinations, it is generally based on one color, and other colors are interspersed to increase added value. 5. The combination application of popular color and non-popular color uses popular color as the main color system and non-popular color as the auxiliary color, which can more embellish the color configuration. 6. The Space mixed application of popular colors. This color system is the most commonly used in the color application of luggage, which can add freshness to the vision. The color of luggage determines the beauty of luggage, so if you want to customize luggage, the strength of luggage manufacturers is extremely important. Xilong luggage is a very powerful manufacturer with more than ten years of operation experience, very perfect factory facilities and a group of professional research and development and design teams. What is more remarkable is that, xilong has been cooperating with many well-known domestic enterprises for years since its establishment.
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