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How to accurately realize the value of gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Giving gifts is a tradition from Ancient Times to the present, and a deeper theory has become a culture. However, the present gift customization is more manifested in the enterprise-to-Enterprise, the enterprise-to-consumer and the enterprise-to-employee. In these three types, the enterprise cannot be separated from the enterprise, and the Enterprise often becomes the dominant one, therefore, the value of gifts depends more on the enterprise's positioning of gifts, so we need to understand more about the different types of gifts. 1. Advertising gifts: advertising gifts are activities carried out to enhance the brand image and popularity of enterprises. At this time, advertising gifts are made in the form of OEM to shape the corporate image and brand logo of gifts, therefore, the advertising gifts at this time pay more attention to the shaping of corporate culture by the gifts themselves. 2. Business Gifts: business activities in order to enable better communication between enterprises, business gifts are to enhance the goodwill between enterprises and the importance they attach to enterprises, but many enterprises want to pay attention to gifts. Advertising', It led to the misunderstanding of business gifts. How to customize business gifts? The first is to think from the perspective of business partners, which is also the most important point. Only when the needs of business partners are met first,'Advertising'Is the simplest thing. For example, the business backpack often used by business people is a good business gift, and enterprises can also slightly add their own elements and brand logo in the form of OEM, it will not be excluded, but will remember more about which Enterprise sent this business gift. 3. Promotional gifts. Promotional gifts are generally cheap items in many people's memory, but this is a wrong idea. In addition to the promotion of enterprise products, the promotion activities are more important than the connection between products and gifts and the promotion of corporate image, and promotional gifts are one of the factors representing corporate image. Therefore, the choice of promotional gifts should be based on the image of the enterprise and products and other positioning choices, in order to truly realize the value of gifts. The above is the result of more than ten years of experience in the custom service of bags and gifts in Xilong bags. Choosing gifts is not a simple matter, he still affects the image promotion of the enterprise more.
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