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How should women choose bags to match when traveling?

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Everyone knows that women love beauty. When they love beauty, they can't choose their bags carelessly when they choose to travel. Then they follow Xiaobian into the fashion Road and learn the fashion travel of bags. 1. Outing outing bag, outing is a leisure way, mainly to relax and keep fit. Urban women we are busy with work, fresh sunshine, green grass and other environmental outing outing is also our best relaxation for ourselves. There are two kinds of outings we often have, one is mountaineering and the other is picnics. Women who climb mountains, the best choice is a backpack, choose a breathable nylon/polyester backpack, with casual T-shirts and sports pants, so that women look petite, cute and energetic, it is convenient in activities and enough storage space is also available for storing items. Women who have a picnic can choose a bigger backpack to store food, and then a small 20 cm satchel on their back. It is casual, lovely and moving, reaching a completely relaxed state. 2. The short-distance travel bag, farewell to the city and a short trip is inevitable in every girl's dictionary nowadays. Imagine walking on the journey in the sunshine, wearing a pink dress and holding a suitcase. Right, women's short trips can't lack a smallest 20-inch luggage case. They choose bright and fashionable luggage cases such as PC/ABS to match a long dress, which is gorgeous, elegant, simple and comfortable. 3. The long-distance travel bag is practical for long-distance travel, but fashion is indispensable, so the bag can be accompanied by a 24-inch luggage case and a small fashionable PU backpack, note that this backpack should be made of brown/white/black, which is a versatile color to match your beautiful clothes full of luggage case. On the road, I was constantly changing my mood. Girls, give yourself a journey of youth without regrets and a chance to know the world. Go on the road with a charming bag.
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