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How should the peculiar smell of PC luggage case be eliminated?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
There is always a strange smell in the newly bought PC luggage case. Because when we bought it, it was all packed. The PC luggage case is produced in sealed packaging. Because of the long-term sealing, the peculiar smell originally produced cannot dissipate for a long time. However, the peculiar smell of the box will have certain influence on the body. The clothes are placed in the suitcase. If the PC luggage case has peculiar smell, we will wear the clothes with peculiar smell. This will be very bad for our health. So is there any way to remove the peculiar smell of PC luggage case? The answer is yes: Method 1. After opening the package, we put it in a ventilated place and open it for a while, so I suggest you dry it more. Method 2: bamboo charcoal and green tea can be put in the box without PC luggage case to remove peculiar smell, lemon grass and rosemary, etc. Method 3, you can put a large bowl or a smaller washbasin in the box, add hot water inside, then pull the box up, wait a few hours, wait for water to cool down, wipe the inside with a warm towel and put the sachet on it. It will be much better. However, this smell will generally weaken automatically after several uses. For the fabric of bags and bags, in daily life, we should pay attention to nursing. For leather bags, after being wet by rain, wipe them with soft cloth and then put them in a cool place to dry. Do not use gasoline, banana water and other solvents to clean, but should use a special leather cleaner to clean, so as to avoid damage to the leather, to prevent the film from fading. For bags made of chemical fibers such as nylon and fiber, soft brushes can be used to remove dust. If they are stubborn stains, they can be wiped with diluted neutral detergent, remember not to let the bag into the water. The above is a few daily tips for the use and cleaning of PC luggage case. As long as you pay attention to some small details in your daily life, you can extend the life of PC luggage case and make it as bright as new.
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