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How should men in the workplace choose briefcases?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Briefcase is a man's invisible business card. A briefcase suitable for himself can enhance temperament and is a symbol of taste. Some people think that it is enough to buy a valuable briefcase, but it does not conform to personal temperament, and no expensive thing can set you off better. So, how should men in the workplace choose briefcases? First, choosing a briefcase that conforms to the temperament is not to pay attention to expensive things, but to pay attention to expensive and valuable. When choosing a briefcase, a man had better choose a product that matches his temperament. For example, if you are taking a steady and rigorous route, you 'd better choose a solid color business briefcase. However, since men basically wear all their clothes in one bag, they have to find a briefcase that matches their usual clothes, and a black briefcase with a dark suit, yellow or brown briefcase with light suit is the best. Second, pay attention to the material technology of briefcase, style determines personality, texture determines taste. Men who can live a life will choose economical and practical briefcases, so we should choose to know the goods. The choice of briefcase is often made of nylon, PU and genuine leather. The three are both good and can be selected according to personal preferences. In terms of technology, the cutting, sewing and hardware stability of the whole briefcase are mainly required, especially on the handles and shoulder straps, the shoulder straps should be as wide and smooth as possible to increase the comfort of carrying.
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