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How should enterprises choose customized trade union welfare products?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
How to choose customized trade union welfare products? First of all, what is a trade union? It refers to: trade unions, or labor associations, workers' federations. The original intention of a trade union refers to a social group organized spontaneously based on common interests. This common interest group is like an employee who works for the same employer, an individual in a certain industry field. The main intention of the establishment of trade union organizations is to negotiate wages and salaries, working hours and working conditions with employers. Secondly, what is trade union welfare? It refers to the rights enjoyed by trade union members as stipulated in the trade union law. It is indicated on the provisions of the trade union law:' All enterprises, institutions and organs that establish trade union organizations shall allocate 2% of the total wages of all employees in the previous month to the trade union for the month, and the trade union shall explain it step by step according to relevant regulations. Local federation of trade unions at or above the county level have the right to inspect the allocation of funds to trade unions by enterprises, institutions and organs within their administrative areas. For units that fail to pay or pay less union funds within the time limit, when repeated reminders are invalid, they can notify the bank of the payment unit in a formal document, and the bank deposits will be deducted, and from the 16th th of the current month, daily Deduction of 5‰ of late fees. Today, we recommend some better union welfare products for you. If you need to customize union welfare products recently, please call 400-0061- 690 more luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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