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How NOT to remove a wasp nest: Man tries to remove insects from his tree with just a plastic shopping bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-28
The man decided to avoid professionals and personally take a giant yellow hive from the tree.
But apparently he didn\'t have it in his bag.
He was pictured climbing a ladder in his backyard and using a green plastic shopping bag against the bird\'s nest.
When he was ready to kill the hornets inside the nest, the man chatted calmly, but predictably things didn\'t go as planned.
When he puts a plastic bag in his nest, the Hornets will retaliate and attack him.
He was photographed screaming and waving bags to try to kill insects.
But when he tried to run off the ladder, the man seemed to accidentally tear the bag apart --
Leave the yellow honeycomb and pour it out again.
When he tried to get rid of the Hornets and get rid of the damage, the man quickly disappeared from the camera\'s view.
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