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How much weight does the backpack have? Is your backpack overweight?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
How much weight is suitable for the backpack? This problem seems to be unknown to many people. As a luggage customization manufacturer that has been operating for more than ten years, Xilong luggage editor has the responsibility to tell everyone the answer to this question. One day, Xiao Bian and his friends went shopping and ate. At that time, I didn't buy anything at all, but I felt that the backpack was extremely heavy. I used a spring scale to weigh up to 3. 5 kilograms, a mobile phone, an umbrella, a key, a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, a book, a bottle of water, cosmetics, and some paper towels. To be honest, Xiao Bian was shocked at the time. Maybe you don't know yet. In fact, carrying more than 3 kilograms of backpacks for a long time will affect your health. Human beings are not as capable as ants or horses. Generally speaking, for teenagers who are in the stage of growth and development, the backpack load cannot exceed 10% of their weight; For adults or women with average physical quality, the backpack load cannot exceed 15% of the body weight; Even for people with good physical quality, the backpack load cannot exceed 20% of the weight. When buying a custom backpack, try to choose a backpack with a wide strap. It is best to choose a style that supports the weight of the waist and abdomen. You may be dissatisfied and think that you can carry more weight, but time will tell you the answer. For a long time, carrying a heavy backpack, the average person can't stand it. If the shoulder, neck and arm are damaged due to the overweight of the backpack, they can usually be recovered through physical therapy, exercise and other methods, but if the treatment and correction are not timely, it may cause serious consequences such as spinal injury and back muscle asymmetry, which should be paid attention.
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