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How many types of backpack buckles are commonly used?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
The buckle is generally used to tighten the webbing on the backpack. It has a self-locking function and can properly adjust the length of the webbing. It is an indispensable part of the backpack. When customizing the backpack, you should pay attention to the quality of the buckle to ensure the durability of the backpack. Here are some of the most commonly used retaining buckles, which are also the most representative. 1. Standard gear buckle. The head end of the standard buckle is usually flat, and the teeth on the middle buckle can effectively prevent the webbing from slipping, but it is only used to adjust the length of the webbing and is the most basic buckle. 2. Magic eye buckle. The lower end of the magic eye buckle has two small holes, which can pass through a 1/ 8-inch rope and can be used with a rope sleeve when wearing gloves. Magic eye buckle is widely used in the connection of straps and flying seeds. Its buckle has extremely strong tension, high elastic angle and enlarged gap, which is convenient for thicker webbing. 3, duckbill buckle. The finger of the head of the duckbill Buckle looks like the duckbill according to the part. This design is convenient to relax the webbing with the thumb. The structure is firm, which can not only bear the heavy burden, but also prevent the webbing from slipping from the buckle. 4, mohabi buckle. The shape of the mohabi buckle is similar to that of the standard gear buckle, but the mohabi Buckle has a certain radian and each gear is relatively thick. Mohabi Buckle has strong self-locking ability and comprehensive design with high tightness, which makes the release angle of webbing better than other similar products.
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