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How many luggage production bases are there in China? Where is Guangzhou luggage factory?

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
There are three famous luggage production bases in China, namely, Baigou, Hebei, Zhejiang and Shiling, Guangzhou. There are many other smaller luggage production bases, such as Fujian. Each local luggage base has its own characteristics and characteristic consumer groups. This article introduces these three bases respectively. First, Hebei Baigou luggage base, Hebei Baigou is the capital of luggage. Because its labor cost is lower than that of Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Baigou's luggage is much cheaper, among the top ten professional markets in Baigou, there are the luggage trading city and the characteristic professional markets that serve the luggage, such as leather, luggage accessories, hardware accessories, etc. Luggage products reach 20 categories and more than one thousand colors. 150 large-scale enterprises and more than three thousand individual processing enterprises have formed an annual output of luggage and bags. With a scale production capacity of 0. 5 billion, the production and sales volume account for about 1/5 of the country, becoming one of the three major luggage production and sales bases in the country. Second, Zhejiang luggage base, Zhejiang is the second largest leather bag production province, accounting for 1/4 of the country's total leather bag production. Leather goods industry is one of the traditional industries in Zhejiang, which is characterized by low processing cost and fine workmanship. It is mainly distributed in Yiwu, Haining, Cangnan qianku and Jiaxing Pinghu. Yiwu is one of the most dynamic and most exported regions in Zhejiang province, and has topped the list of the top ten bazaars in the country for 11 consecutive years. Haining is known as the leather capital of China and is the largest leather product market in east China. Cangnan qianku is currently in full swing to declare'China luggage production base'. Third, Guangdong luggage base and Guangdong luggage factory industry are mainly distributed in Shiling, Guangzhou, other districts of Guangzhou and Xiamen. In addition, the luggage industry cluster in Guangdong province is also famous for its complete industrial chain, and its raw and auxiliary materials market is very large. The luggage industry cluster in Guangdong province has regional advantages. Because it is adjacent to Hong Kong and has fast information, its products have new styles and complete varieties. Because it is adjacent to Hong Kong and the Chinese people's pursuit of luxury goods, Guangdong is also a production base for all kinds of counterfeit luxury bags. Many luggage manufacturers specialize in high Imitation luxury bags. Guangdong's luggage sales account for about 1/3 of the country's total, the highest among the three real luggage bases. As mentioned above, there are three major production bases. In fact, there are still many luggage bases in China. For example, Liaoning Nantai is the largest luggage distribution center in Northeast China. In addition, there are many large bases such as Fujian and Anhui.
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