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How does the school choose suitable schoolbags for students during the opening season?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
During the summer vacation, many schools will carefully customize schoolbags for new students, but do you know what kind of schoolbags are good for children's health? On this topic, how can the school choose suitable schoolbags for students during the opening season? 1. Schools should take into account the shape of students in each grade and can choose broadband and shoulder pads. If there is a supporting belt on the bag, it is even better, can evenly spread the pressure, will not cause excessive damage to the back and shoulders. 2. There are many school courses in China, so when designing the interior of schoolbags, it is necessary to design the internal storage in different areas, which can not only play the role of loading textbooks and various stationery in different categories, it can also make the weight of the schoolbag even. 3. Do not have too many pockets and meshes on the customized schoolbag, otherwise it is easy to be hooked by sharp objects, causing danger; To avoid too many metal buckles or metal zippers in the schoolbag, too many metal accessories may not only increase the weight of the schoolbag, but also cause damage to the waist and back. 4. Since schoolbags are not divided into seasons, they are especially easy to be stuffy and tired in summer, so the back of students' schoolbags should be padded with potholes to help dissipate heat, so that children will not'Sweat'. In addition, there are many kinds of fabrics for schoolbags, mostly polyester, nylon and cotton. The fabrics chosen by the school must be environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable fabrics to protect the health and safety of children at all times, only in this way can we customize the schoolbags of the school brand and promote the image of the school brand. If you haven't found a suitable bag factory, you can choose Xilong bags and look forward to cooperating with you.
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