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How does the computer bag hang on the luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Some netizens on the Internet have questions about the name of the bag that can be placed on the luggage case? There are also netizens who want to customize computer bags that can be hung on luggage case so that employees can use them on business trips. How does the computer bag hang on the luggage case? 1. Design from luggage case. Luggage case in the design is a kind of design, is accompanied by a luggage bag, you can put the computer bag in the bag. This kind of bag is similar to the quality of ordinary wash bag, although it is convenient, but the bearing capacity is not high, and it is easy to shake with the movement of the trolley case, affecting personal walking. 2. Change from computer bag. Laptop bags have a back storage layer, and now many brands have removed the back storage layer and designed it as a special fixing sleeve for pull rods, or a zipper directly under the storage layer, it can be stored or inserted into the trolley case and taken away. However, note that the storage layer and the plug-in Rod cannot be operated at the same time, and can only become a storage layer when the plug-in rod is not inserted. 3. Computer backpacks and handbags can adapt. In order to make the computer backpack travel with the luggage case, excellent luggage designers add an elastic band to the computer backpack, and the handbag can also adapt. It can not only travel together, but also can not conflict with storage, and can adapt to any luggage case. However, the computer backpack lacks the human body to carry the ventilation system, and many brands have not taken measures. This year Xilong luggage has improved the new product, adding an interlayer pad to the human body carrying ventilation system and separating it from the carrying system to ensure that it can not only protect the human body ventilation engineering, it can also plug the pull rod together. Xilong bag this style has the combination of the function of the computer backpack and the characteristic function, making it an excellent backpack design that is impeccable this year.
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