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How does Guangzhou schoolbag manufacturer customize schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Now schools and training institutions have their own brand schoolbags, which have become the hot customized service in Guangzhou's luggage industry in recent years. Custom schoolbags are the latest and popular custom service, and many schools are not very familiar with the cooperation process. The following Xilong bags tell you how Guangzhou schoolbag manufacturer customizes schoolbags? Step 1: draw a design drawing. The customization of a brand schoolbag starts with the design drawing. The professional Guangzhou schoolbag manager will communicate with customers, understand their school culture, communication image and requirements, and tailor the design draft of brand schoolbags for customers. The more detailed the designer's drawings are, the closer the bag will be to the customer's requirements, which can also prove the design professionalism of a Guangzhou schoolbag manufacturer. Step 2: Select materials. A good schoolbag naturally has to have a good main material to set off the brand strength of the school. The material of the schoolbag made by Guangzhou schoolbag factory is selected according to the customer's requirements. No matter what material is selected, Guangzhou schoolbag manager requires the thickness of the main material of the schoolbag to be measured with a vernier caliper, each piece of material is best not even one millimeter. Step 3: cut the fabric. The cutting of the fabric reflects the plate-making technology of Guangzhou schoolbag factory. For example, the plate-making process of Xilong luggage factory. Xilong luggage has its own plate-making room, and the plate-making master will quickly make a precise and complete bag board according to the style and size on the drawings. Step 4: splicing and assembly of schoolbag materials. This step requires the technical level of the producer, because a good schoolbag cannot be beautiful, but also durable. Some bags will not be bad for more than ten years, which requires testing the craft of producers. At this point, we can see the professionalism of Guangzhou schoolbag factory. Where can I find Guangzhou schoolbag factory? Xilong luggage customization factory is a bag manufacturer specializing in research and development, design and production of kindergarten bags and primary and secondary school students' bags. It has 12 years of bag customization experience and provides bags for Tsinghua primary and secondary school students, Longpan International School and other schools all the year round.
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