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How does Dongguan backpack manufacturer customize backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Dongguan is one of the gathering places of luggage manufacturers in Guangdong Province. The top three luggage manufacturers are listed in Guangdong. The Development of Dongguan backpack manufacturers cannot be separated from rich luggage accessories wholesale markets and excellent luggage customization machines. Of course, dongguan backpack manufacturers customize backpacks mainly pay attention to process details, which determine the quality of backpacks. How does Dongguan backpack manufacturer customize backpacks? First, the shock resistance of the backpack the backpack will inevitably involve vibration when it is carried out in daily life. In the rapid movement, the notebook bag must be fully protected from damage to the notebook computer and its internal delicate hard disk. Dongguan backpack factory will test whether the computer bag has a special interlayer and inner bag for notebook computers, and whether the protective sponge in the inner bag is thick enough. For the shoulder computer backpack, whether there is a shock-proof bottom sponge at the bottom, in addition, it will also use clear water to detect whether the bag body has waterproof and shockproof functions, and will also pay attention to details such as shoulder straps and zippers. Second, the comfort of the backpack, the adoption of ergonomic design and the level of science and technology are the signs to measure the brand strength, and are also one of the concerns of Dongguan backpack factory. Dongguan backpack will be designed by a number of workers of different heights and genders to test the carrying of the backpack. The core idea is to make the backpack have the best carrying state in the process of use, it is more in line with the use behavior of the human body, so as to make the muscles and bones of the carrying person more comfortable and have the best carrying state. Backplate hardness, elasticity, row Han is the focus of the selection. Third, the overall handling of the backpack, because most of the main materials of the inner bag choose rubber or cotton, because rubber cotton is elastic, while other accessories such as zippers are not elastic or elastic, which is different from rubber, therefore, Dongguan backpack factory will check whether the stitching of each component of the inner bag is tight and neat. If the stitching area is very flat, the zipper presents a straight line, and there is no thread end, it is a good bag. Fourth, check the dyeing process of the backpack QC of Dongguan backpack manufacturer will test the dyeing process of the main material and inner container of the backpack. First of all, use a little detergent to wipe on the rag, gently wipe the bag body, check whether the rag is dyed, and the backpack that passes the pass will be treated with boiling water and high temperature again before leaving the factory, so it will not fade. Where are Dongguan backpack manufacturers looking? Xilong luggage is an established backpack customization manufacturer in China. It has many years of experience in customizing employee welfare backpacks and business gift backpacks. In the past 11 years, Xilong luggage manufacturers have continuously cooperated with'Coca-Cola','TCL”,'HP' Such large enterprises have maintained good cooperative relations for a long time and are deeply trusted and supported by large enterprises.
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