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How do professional makeup artists choose professional makeup bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
With the development of the society, the trend of art life and life art is becoming more and more obvious. People are pursuing perceptual beauty while paying great attention to the unity of formal beauty, personality beauty and intellectual beauty, and the makeup artist industry is gradually booming. A professional makeup artist always carries cosmetics and makeup tools with him, so it is very important to match a professional makeup kit. How do professional makeup artists choose professional makeup bags? The following is a cosmetic bag developed by Xilong luggage for customers: 1. PERGO portable full-open makeup kit Baili's professional makeup tool luggage is customized for customers. Portable full-open cosmetic bag, made of waterproof nylon material, light waterproof and wear-resistant, leaving no trace and intact after 500 scratch tests; The fully open opening designed by the double pull head has two layers of storage space inside: the first layer is a functional slot, which can hold eyeliner, mascara, Rouge brush, powder cake, etc; The main bag selects shock-proof PE cotton blocks and is divided into multiple storage layers. The shock-proof function is conducive to protecting the items in the bag, and reasonable distribution and storage are more conducive to managing the items, and safely store glass box cosmetics, lotion, skin care water and other cosmetics; The hand-held part of the customized cosmetic bag is designed as PVC hard-handle hand-held, and the handle is wrapped with a little PU leather, so that the palm of the hand for a long time can be protected. If you are tired for a long time, you can also choose to use it. 2. Mingyuan School hand-held crossbody professional cosmetic bag Mingyuan School hand-held crossbody professional cosmetic bag is made for the graduating makeup artist, so it is very delicate and professional. First of all, the hand-held crossbody cosmetic bag takes into account that students have more outdoor activities. The material is made of waterproof foam material, which is smooth and water-tight. On the shoulder, the hand-held two-back method is selected, let makeup artists choose back style freely; The front width tool slide pocket and free storage layer are also designed with full-open zipper, making intimate classification and arbitrary storage more optional. 3. The production of professional makeup bags for students in the makeup class also comes from the makeup bags of the celebrity image design school, which are made by the school for the makeup class. 'Schoolbag', Let students use it during daily recess. This student's professional cosmetic bag is made of nylon foam, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and has strong bearing capacity. The double-pull head full-open design makes it easier and faster to take things. The interior is divided into two layers. The front layer mainly stores makeup powder boxes, makeup brushes, etc. , while the main layer stores large items such as cosmetics and cosmetic bags, and uses PVC as outsourcing care, ensure that the activities of the goods are not subject to shaking, damage and other phenomena. The above are the three professional makeup kits Selected By Xilong luggage. It can choose the makeup bag suitable for you according to its own preferences and the needs of the environment. Whether it is a makeup company, a beauty school or a general enterprise, the customized cosmetic bag can print the corporate brand logo, and the flower style dazzles the corporate logo to enhance the corporate brand exposure. If you like the above cosmetic bag styles, or have other favorite luggage styles, please consult on the right.
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