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How do novices clean and maintain outdoor travel backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
Backpacks are indispensable partners when traveling outdoors. Outdoor backpacks not only liberate our hands, but also make our travel more convenient. Friends who often travel outdoors not only need to buy an outdoor backpack with good quality and excellent performance, but also need to know some knowledge about the maintenance of outdoor backpacks when we travel outdoors to avoid our journey, there are some unnecessary troubles. Precautions for using outdoor backpacks 1. Don't throw the outdoor backpack full of things, the stitching is now properly tight, if it is accidentally hit or fall, it is very simple to crack the stitching or damage the buckle. The iron-strong device does not need to stick to the outdoor backpack cloth, because it is simply harmful to the cloth. The process of transfer should be careful of accessories such as buckles and straps to avoid harming the backpack during the pulling process of getting on and off. 2. When camping, the backpack should avoid the invasion of small animals such as mice to steal food or small insects. Dark shall be use bei bao tao cover backpack. Second, the daily cleaning of outdoor backpacks, outdoor backpacks will always be infected with soil, dust and sweat after use, and should be cleaned immediately when they return home. Generally, a boring soft brush is used to remove the dust on the outer layer of the backpack. Instead, the stain is simply infected on the surface of the cloth by scrubbing directly with a wet cloth. Then use clean water to wash, if there is oil, the best use of neutral washing liquid, such as shower gel or washing powder. If you are worried about the decrease of waterproofness, you can also spray some waterproof agent when it is quick to dry. After washing and cleaning, put it in a cool place and air dry it. Remember not to be exposed to the sun when the backpack is wet. The fiber simply formed by ultraviolet rays becomes hardened and brittle. If it is a long-time trip, soak for about 30 minutes, or wash with a lot of clear water to avoid organic matter, small organisms in the stream, or rotten leaves stuck in the system, constitute moldy or reproductive bacteria. When it is not completely dried, the waterproof coating on the surface of the backpack is harmful, which is the best opportunity to spray and maintain with professional water-repellent Agent. After spraying professional field waterproof agent, your Backpack has the same function as the new one. Second, the outdoor backpack is broken and properly repaired. If the backpack is cut, it should be repaired immediately. Thicker needlework must be selected when mending (Such as a needle that is specially patched with a chair cushion)Sew firmly, and then bake off the nylon thread with fire. During normal inspection, the first is the support point (Such as belts, shoulder straps, etc) The stability of, to avoid gasket deterioration or hardening without knowing; The zipper should be changed, not to make up for it when things slip out of the backpack. Determine that the outdoor backpack is completely boring, and empty the outdoor backpack. Don't leave anything in the outdoor backpack. On the one hand, avoid not finding it. On the other hand, if there are other things in the preservation, after stacking, the backpack is briefly deformed, and finally the webbing buckle is fastened, and then the storage box is collected, and the boring is insisted. Some professional antibacterial and mildew-proof sprays can be coated and sprayed to avoid mildew caused by bacterial reproduction during long-term storage. The production materials of good outdoor backpacks are generally specially treated by coating, etc. The purchase of good outdoor backpacks is a great help for outdoor travel. Nowadays, young people have no time for activities and exercises due to the boring work. They are more and more eager for outdoor travel. Enterprises can customize an outdoor travel backpack to provide benefits to employees.
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