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How do manufacturers of medical instrument equipment boxes order instrument bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
With the progress of the times, the medical instrument industry has gradually enriched and intelligentized. With the improvement of living standards, people's safety of medical instruments is slowly improving, thus deriving the medical instrument luggage customization industry. Medical Instrument luggage customization pays attention to excellent materials and fine workmanship in order to protect medical instruments well. How can Medical Instrument equipment box manufacturers order equipment bags? Ordinary and small medical instruments, such as ESR instrument, household intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument, small weight loss instrument, etc. , usually use 800D- The 1680D nylon material and sail cloth are thick, strong in load-bearing and relatively stain-resistant, suitable for storage and carrying outside. For large or important medical instruments, the material and technology are the most exquisite. The material is to choose high-grade aluminum alloy for comprehensive blockade. The interface and lock will use aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, PC and other highly protective materials. Medical aluminum alloy box refers to the mobile tool box made by aluminum alloy processing technology. Aluminum alloy is light in weight, strong in protection, and changeable in internal design, which is the most suitable for medical instrument box. Customized suitable aluminum alloy box, shock resistance and stability are very strong. For the medical industry, many drugs often require precipitation environment, so customized medical aluminum alloy will be added with shockproof and decompression protection pads to isolate collisions between items and internal protection. At the same time, many aluminum alloy boxes will have some coded locks, which should be reduced to avoid the cumbersome unpacking for people in the medical industry. Enterprises should customize medical equipment boxes and send ideas to customized medical bags and bags factories according to their own equipment and functional requirements, the factory will combine the budget, quantity and requirements of the enterprise to design a'Medical Instrument bag scheme'. If you have not implemented the medical luggage factory, you can choose the Xilong luggage custom manufacturer to create your own instrument luggage for you.
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