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How do girls choose their luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
The luggage case of most girls on business trips is colorful and colorful. When traveling, it is more diversified and small. Even walking on the street, there are little girls dragging luggage case, however, girls still need to have certain skills in choosing luggage case. How do girls choose their own luggage case? 1. From the design of luggage case, luggage case is the trend of fashion luggage. When choosing luggage case, we should choose luggage case of our own style according to our daily style, for example, simple girls can choose monochrome luggage case, and fresh air can choose some simple pattern luggage case. 2. From the size of luggage case, the size of luggage case is usually 20, 24 and 28 inches. Girls should consider their height when choosing luggage case. Short girls should choose 20- The 22-inch luggage case and the small luggage case can highlight itself and improve the return rate. 3. From the weight of the luggage case, the girl did not practice the biceps, the strength is naturally better than the man, so in the choice of luggage case so'Huge'The goods, you should choose a light material luggage case. Choose light material luggage case to choose light resin material luggage case, PVC, ABS and other luggage case materials can be selected, and the styles are different.
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