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How can travel agencies customize travel bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
Now many travel agencies are willing to give travel gifts, why is this? The main purpose of making travel bags by travel agencies is to attract the attention of tour members; In order to unify the uniforms of tour groups and facilitate the identification of tour group members; It is to promote the brand of travel agencies, reflect the professionalism of travel agencies and give more exposure to the brand of travel agencies. Recently, netizens said that travel agencies like to send tourists cheap and quality travel bags? I think many travel agencies should also know. The key is that in my opinion, this will not have advertising effect, but will damage the image of travel agencies. For the brand of travel agency, we should make a good travel bag to leave a better impression on customers, really do a good job in the brand promotion of travel agency, and don't smash your own brand. How does the travel agency order travel bags? 1. Custom travel bag material. The fabric of the traveling bag is face, so the quality of the fabric directly determines the appearance and quality of the traveling bag. At present, the commonly used materials for travel bags are'Nylon'And'Cordura'Two kinds. Although the canvas is more wear-resistant, it is rarely used because it is easy to be damp, wet and not easy to dry and of heavy quality. Nylon cloth is light in quality, does not absorb moisture and mold, dries quickly and has good strength; The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and afraid of fire. Cordura cloth is also a kind of synthetic nylon cloth, but it has better wear resistance and strength than nylon, and also does not absorb moisture, mold and stick snowflakes and dries quickly, but it is slightly heavier than nylon. 2. Travel Bag details are customized. The details of custom-made portable travel bags lie in the bottom and handle, both of which are the main stress points. We should choose the design of double-strand nylon fabric and double-handle at the handle. The fabric is durable and can last longer, while the double-handle can reasonably disperse the weight of the traveling bag and effectively protect the hands. The bottom of the traveling bag is the weight source of the bag body. The bottom of the bag should be designed with Eva board to effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the bottom of the bag and make the traveling bag more stiff and stylish. 3. Brand Effect of traveling bags. Customize a good but not expensive travel bag, as long as the above two points are done well, and the internal design is made into large capacity storage, it is a very good travel bag. The travel bag printed with the corporate brand can confidently use the quality of the travel bag to promote the brand, and the brand effect will be more convincing than the cheap travel bag. It is also essential for travel agencies to choose a strong travel bag manufacturer. With more than ten years of luggage customization experience, Xilong luggage will be based on travel agency's travel bag budget, brand promotion direction and style, A brand travel bag tailored for travel agencies.
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