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How can nylon fabric of luggage case be distinguished?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
There are many luggage case on the market, rows of colorful, various, fabrics are also unique. On the fabric, the trolley case is divided into soft nylon trolley case, polyester trolley case and canvas trolley case, and the hard one is divided into PC trolley case, ABS trolley case and EVA trolley case, of which the classic one is nylon trolley case. Nylon luggage case is made of strong and wear-resistant material, and can also play a certain waterproof role. It is a luggage case that can travel outdoors without any damage. Good things are naturally imitated. How can nylon fabric of luggage case be distinguished? Nylon fabric, this fabric has the characteristics of wear resistance, Compression Resistance, flame retardant, waterproof, scratch resistance and strong toughness, making the box more durable. Its wear resistance is much higher than that of ordinary cloth. The anti-nylon fabric is basically mixed with a little polyester, so we will compare nylon with polyester and teach you how to distinguish the authenticity of nylon fabric? 1. Wear resistance. Nylon is one of the most wear-resistant materials in synthetic fibers, which is more wear-resistant than polyester and has excellent dimensional stability and excellent strength. Test with nail clippers, nail scraping obvious traces of tapestry obvious nylon. 2. Feel. Nylon feels softer and polyester fiber is rougher. Therefore, for Nylon Yarn and Polyester Yarn of the same specification, the fabric made of polyester should feel harder; Therefore, nylon luggage case has larger storage capacity than luggage case of the same specification and is not easy to deform. 3. Wrinkle. Because of the Strong rigidity of polyester, it is not easy to recover after wrinkles, while nylon is relatively soft, even if it is wrinkled, it is easy to recover and has good elasticity. 4. Hygroscopicity. Nylon is much more hygroscopic than polyester. Under the standard condition, the moisture absorption rate of nylon is 4. 5%, while polyester is only 0. 4%, so generally use nylon fabric to make outdoor luggage case, such as long-distance luggage case and boarding case, making it more convenient to go out. 5. Combustion identification. Determine the material of pure nylon from combustion. Nylon fabric can not be burned directly, and when burned with a lighter, it will melt, drip and bubble, and will emit white smoke without unpleasant smell. After the fire is extinguished, pure nylon presents a hot melt state, touch with your hand and there is no ash sticking to your hand. And imitation nylon fabric (Polyester) When using a lighter, it melts, drips and bubbles, and can continue to burn. The smoke is black and the smell is pungent and unpleasant. After the fire is extinguished, there will be a layer of black black ash residue.
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