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How can I choose a suitable travel luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
How can I choose a suitable travel luggage case? First, look at the appearance: the hard box can be moisture-proof, the material of the soft box is plastic, and the material of the soft box is fabric or leather. However, some consumers judge according to the appearance and feel that the hard box is stronger than the soft box. Merchants remind consumers that the hard box has a strong moisture-proof and anti-pressure performance and can withstand more external shocks. If you carry items that are afraid of extrusion and shock, you can choose a hard box, and the soft box is characterized by a lighter weight, moreover, the box has a certain degree of expansion and contraction, which can hold more items compared with hard boxes of the same specification. Ordinary passengers can choose soft boxes to carry clothes and food. Looking at the appearance, the soft box mainly checks whether the pins are uniform and whether there are empty needles and leaking needles; The hard box mainly observes whether the box has cracks, etc. What I like most is the hardness of the box. After all, I am afraid that the box will break down when I often make planes. At that time, it was embarrassing. I usually go to Xu provincial network to buy, where can also compare the price. Second, look at the Roller: the pulley with bearings is more reliable, and the rear wheel of the hard box bag is a very critical part. If the rear wheel is exposed, it will be easily damaged by the road step during use. Merchants remind consumers that the semi-wrapped rear wheel is generally more durable. In addition, when observing the wheels of luggage, you can see if the inner ring of the wheel has bearings. If there are bearings, such wheels are relatively strong and durable. The following Xilong Xiaobian recommends 3 more popular travel luggage case, I hope everyone likes it, custom phone: 400-0061-690, sincerely look forward to your call! ! More luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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