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How can a backpack judge whether the material is good or bad?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
The backpack is suitable for the workplace, suitable for life, suitable for various activities, for example, many enterprises will be the backpack as one of the choices of gifts, to print corporate brand to promote corporate image, therefore, the material requirements for backpacks are generally more stringent. How does the backpack judge whether the material is good or bad? 1. Look at the texture of the material. Whether it is nylon or polyester, the grain size of the cloth is one of the grades of the material. Backpack material is divided into 1680D, 1200D, 840D and 600D. The best 1680D lines are double and single, often used to customize business computer backpacks and outdoor backpacks; The grain of 1200D is slightly thinner than that of 1680D, and it is generally used for the appearance of light outdoor backpacks and mountaineering bags, such as the bottom and the side; 840D is a good material for briefcase; However, 600D is a commonly used material. His lines generally include twill, potholes, jacquard, etc. The appearance varies. Fashion business backpacks and travel bags all use 600D materials. When choosing these materials, observe whether the lines are dense and stylish. 2. Look at the rubber sole of the material. The rubber bottom of the backpack material is divided into coating and plastic bonding, and the rubber bottom of the Brush coating is better than the plastic bonding. There are many kinds of materials for coating rubber bottom, namely PU, Youli glue and AC glue. The rubber sole is in the same cloth density (D) Next, the coated rubber sole is lighter than the plastic bonded rubber sole, with good hand feeling and good elasticity. PVC, PE, etc. are used for plastic adhesive soles. The cloth has poor permeability and is not breathable enough. The cloth will also be heavy, so the high-grade bags basically do not use this kind of rubber soles. Light business, Light Fashion' All bags are coated with rubber soles, which makes the bags light and soft. 3. Look at the color of the material. The color of the material is colorful and colorful. Sometimes the gorgeous color can cover up some deficiencies, but the solid color of the fabric can not be covered. Therefore, if you choose a backpack with solid color cloth, check whether the color is punctual, whether the bag body has black spots, and whether the cloth fades. How can a backpack judge whether the material is good or bad? The good material of the backpack is measured from the above three aspects. I believe everyone has learned what material is needed to customize a good backpack according to the above three points, or the enterprise can find a good backpack custom manufacturer to plan and customize the exclusive brand backpack for the enterprise. Xilong luggage is willing to help you.
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