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Heavy metals are detected in schoolbags, and attention should be paid to custom-made schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Recently, the Beijing News purchased four schoolbags at different prices in supermarkets, small commodity markets and shopping websites and sent them to a textile laboratory for detection of free formaldehyde, heavy metals and reflective properties, it was found that the free formaldehyde of the four schoolbags exceeded the standard to varying degrees, and heavy metal lead was detected in the two schoolbags. At the same time, only one of the four schoolbags had reflective materials. In order to avoid the harm of free formaldehyde to children's bodies, Xilong luggage customization manufacturers reminded that kindergartens should pay attention to the smell of schoolbags when customizing schoolbags. If the custom-made schoolbag smells particularly heavy, it is best not to choose, because the schoolbag may emit irritating gas or excessive substances that are harmful to the human body. If the child has an accident, it will not only affect the child's family, to a large extent, it also affects the brand of our kindergarten. What should we pay attention to when customizing schoolbags? 1. Customized schoolbags should not be too fancy. Children's schoolbags we all choose cartoon characters, colorful scenery and other colorful appearance, in fact, we should try our best to choose simple and elegant student schoolbags. This kind of schoolbag may introduce heavy metals and other harmful substances in the printing and dyeing process, which will be relatively reduced. 2. The material of the customized schoolbag. Now the material of schoolbags is becoming more and more abundant, but the budget of schoolbags in kindergartens is getting lower and lower. In fact, choosing to customize some waterproof schoolbags and schoolbags with air cushion boards on the back and external air cushion slots are all conducive to the healthy growth of children. 3. Safety of customized schoolbags. Investigating kindergarten schoolbags around Xiamen, few kindergarten schoolbags noticed the design of reflective strips. In addition to being practical, schoolbags should also pay attention to the safety performance of schoolbags when they are customized. In order to make children safer on their way out of school, it is recommended that kindergartens choose schoolbags with a certain amount of reflective materials. The society is becoming more and more complex, and many parents are not at ease to leave their children alone. In order to gain the trust of their parents, kindergartens should start from kindergarten schoolbags and pay attention to their children's health and safety, let the parents of the children rest assured, but also improve the credibility of the kindergarten, so that more parents can rest assured that the children will be handed over to the school.
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