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Hardware of luggage common sense Category

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Luggage hardware is simply a variety of small hardware used in luggage customization. Most luggage hardware accessories are not final consumer goods. But as the supporting products, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process of industrial manufacturing, etc. Only a small part of daily hardware accessories (Luggage chain, hanging chain, etc)Can be used as final decorative consumer goods. Hardware is roughly classified according to material, appearance, color, specifications, etc. Luggage hardware is divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other die casting hardware according to the material; Luggage hardware is divided into pull rod, small wheel, mushroom nail, crash nail, foot nail, hollow nail, pull head, corns, D Buckle, dog buckle, needle pass, belt buckle, chain, coil and lock according to specific product categories. , magnetic buttons, various trademarks and decorative hardware, etc. All kinds of hardware have different divisions according to functions or shapes. And all kinds of hardware accessories also have many specifications; Luggage hardware is electroplated in many colors: white, gold, gun Black, bronze, Qinggu sweep, Chrome, etc. Electroplating also has a lot to pay attention to, different plating color on the process requirements are not the same. Export should pay attention to whether it meets the requirements of environmental protection and non-toxicity. Sweep the attention'Xilong luggage' This article is from Xilong luggage, please add a link to reprint it. http://www . Azy288. com/
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