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Hardware inspection standards to be kept in mind for luggage sample inspection

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Luggage samples are the first step of trust construction for manufacturers and customers. In many cases, the quality of factory samples will allow customers to determine the manufacturer's production capacity and sincerity of cooperation. Some customers have done a good job in the inspection of luggage samples. They will have their own professional QC inspection, so they are very sensitive to the details of luggage, however, not many customers can identify the quality of luggage, especially when making the inspection points of luggage hardware accessories, they cannot identify the advantages and disadvantages. Good hardware accessories, we usually judge its quality at the first sight after looking at its appearance. In fact, hardware accessories should not only look good and shine, but also be used for a long time, which indirectly improves the value of this bag. How to check the luggage hardware? Come on, let Xilong bags count highly the hardware inspection standards you should keep in mind when checking your bags. First of all, we need to understand where the hardware is broken? Common problems of hardware include poor electroplating, color difference of mold opening, color fading, hand scraping, inflexible opening and closing, uncomfortable use, oxidation and rust. After understanding these common problems, we will start to check whether the luggage hardware exists. 1. Pull the D buckle or circle type: Measure the inner diameter of the D buckle or circle, measure the thickness of the iron wire, check the tightness of the iron wire interface, and whether to scrape the hand. After the tensile test, it shall not be less than 15LBS, whether the hand-held D Buckle and circle electroplating are OK, and the tensile force shall not be less than 28-60 KG, others are the same as above. 2. The torque of the pull tab is normally rotated about 2 by 3. 5KG is OK, 5 # pull tab rotates 4KG left and right, 8 # pull tab rotates 6KG left and right, 10 # pull tab rotates 8KG left and right. 3. Hardware logo check first from the appearance, to see whether the luster is bright, logo printing is clear, no cracks, no fading; After looking at the quality, the customer can pull the logo to see if the logo and the body fit is qualified. 4. Whether the surface plating of the hardware accessories of the lock is uniform and bright. Whether the edges and corners are scraped, whether the insertion is flexible, and whether the screws are matched. After the plug lock is inserted, it must bear a pulling force of not less than 18LBS.
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