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Guangzhou luggage factory visit

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
Because of the needs of business, I was fortunate to follow Mr. Li Chaohui, general manager of Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. to visit some luggage factories in Guangzhou, mainly to be familiar with the luggage industry and do some business development exchanges. The scale of Guangzhou luggage factory is uneven. There are small workshops with several people and a dozen people, and there are also large factories with thousands of people. Each enterprise has its own way of operation, in the current context of the development of the luggage industry, it is also very busy. In the luggage factory, the most common ones are the busy workers on the production line and the production line. It can be said that this is the characteristic of the luggage factory, especially in large factories, rows of needle cars, high cars, edge lock cars and computer cars are operating here, and the operators are meticulous and occasionally smiling to communicate something, sometimes watching makes you forget that this is in the luggage factory. Guangzhou's small luggage factory or luggage workshop mainly depends on making orders from some large factories. They are busy, but their profits are indeed the lowest link in the whole luggage industry, therefore, they do not have a bright large factory building. They usually rent a relatively cheap rental house in the back room of a store. The equipment is not very complete, and they rely more on manpower to complete their work tasks. What they fear most is that suddenly there is no such kind of hard work, because there is no order without hard work. Large and medium-sized factories have begun to develop and work hard in two directions. On the one hand, they are still trying to pick up more foreign orders and make OEM bags, on the other hand, he focuses more on the innovation and construction of his own brand. According to Li Zong of Xilong company, many of his friends have turned their eyes to China, the foreign order market has not been very prosperous due to various reasons. In the future, the real strong demand for luggage is still the huge domestic market. Xilong luggage company has also focused on the domestic market, and began to enter the field of e-commerce.
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