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Guangzhou luggage factory customized 20-inch Oxford cloth mounting case

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
Luggage case, if divided according to the material, has the distinction between hard and soft, if divided according to the structure, there are two kinds of vertical and horizontal pull rods, if divided according to the size, there are 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, etc. The boarding box in the trolley luggage is mainly a specially designed style for aircraft travel. Where can I find the 20-inch Oxford cloth boarding box customized by Guangzhou luggage factory? Xilong bags for you. In air baggage transportation, there are generally three kinds of checked baggage, self-care baggage and carry-on baggage, and the boarding box belongs to the second type. Generally speaking, most airlines can directly carry 20-inch boarding boxes on the plane, so it is extremely necessary to customize boarding boxes and choose professional luggage manufacturers to customize boarding boxes. Looking for a professional customized 20-inch Oxford cloth chassis manufacturer in Guangzhou, Xilong luggage is a good choice. Shiling Town in Guangzhou is the largest luggage production base in China, and Xilong luggage is located in the largest luggage production base in China. It not only has the most affordable and comprehensive luggage raw material market, and also has a unique geographical location. Therefore, Guangzhou luggage factory customized the 20-inch Oxford cloth chassis and chose Xilong luggage. It has been more than ten years since the establishment of Xilong luggage, and it has been focusing on the custom business of luggage, especially the business luggage customization. Xilong bags with rich production experience can not only produce high-quality 20-inch Oxford cloth chassis for customers, but also have enough ability to independently develop and design new 20-inch Oxford cloth chassis for customers, worth having.
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