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Gift customization enterprises have closed down one after another, and high-grade gift customization may be a breakthrough

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
With the continuous downturn of the international economy, the orders of domestic enterprises doing export gift customization are less than 1/3 of the previous ones, which leads to the transformation of small and medium-sized gift customization enterprises in China to focus on the domestic market, enterprises with poor economic turnover began to close down one after another, and became more and more severe. Large companies were also trying to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. Making high-end business gifts is a good choice, because there are not many companies making high-end business gifts at present, which can be used as a life-saving way for gift companies in the bankruptcy trend of domestic enterprises. High-end business gifts are inseparable from his brand value and his high-end positioning. High-end brands generally have a group of excellent high-end designers in the industry to design gifts, which have high requirements for gifts, of course, the products that come out are also striving for perfection, such as lv, Shi Luohua crystal and other world-renowned brands. At present, there is still a big gap between domestic high-end business gifts and foreign ones, and there is still a long time to be consistent with the development of foreign countries. Xilong luggage, as a high-end business luggage customization enterprise, continues to carry out salesman, on the contrary, it has achieved great development in the economic tide, mainly due to the general manager Li Chaohui's accurate grasp of the market direction, specializing in luggage and gift customization. Xilong has been one of the major domestic banks such as China Construction Bank, agricultural Bank, postal service, etc. have done several batches of company-specific packages. At the same time, Xilong has cooperated with more than 500 companies in the world, such as CNOOC and Lexus, and has become a leader in the gift and luggage customization industry, xilong has been recognized by customers for adhering to the principles of quality first, service first and benefit second.
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