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From today, carry a shopping bag in Bangalore

by:Xilong      2019-09-29
The ban on plastic bags with a thickness of less than 40 microns takes effect.
BBMP will soon announce the lowest price for the bag.
To protect the environment, Bruhat mahanthi Palike, Bangalore (BBMP)
Since Tuesday, plastic bags with a thickness of less than 40 microns have been banned.
BBMP commissioner Siddaiah stated that BBMP would confiscate any plastics illegally sold within its jurisdiction.
Council on pollution control in Karnataka (KSPCB)
A deadline of March 15 has been set for the implementation of plastic waste (
Management and processing)Rules, 2009.
Siddaiah said that KSPCB technicians will conduct random spot checks on the plastic sold and seize all plastics with a thickness of less than 40 microns.
\"KSPCB will enforce the rule while BBMP will ensure that plastic is safely collected, isolated, transported and disposed of,\" Siddaiah said . \".
A collection center will be set up for plastic waste, which will involve manufacturers of plastic items and recyclers of these wastes during the collection process, so that plastic will not be publicly burned.
For the benefit of all stakeholders, including those engaged in waste management and waste pickers, a campaign will be carried out to promote the possible harm caused by plastic.
\"BBMP will set up a supervisory committee to implement these rules.
A committee composed of plastic manufacturers, retailers and market associations will determine the minimum price for plastic bags based on quality and size, \"said Siddaiah.
BBMP will set up dry garbage collection centers in all 198 districts of the city, he said.
They will also serve as a collection center for plastic waste. An ‘anti-
Schools and colleges will celebrate \"plastic day\" to spread awareness.
Earlier, some plastic bag manufacturers asked BBMP and KSPCB to postpone the deadline.
MDN Simha, chief environmental officer of KSPCB, said the request could not be approved.
\"KSPCB will have the right to turn off the manufacturing unit, cut off the power supply and water connection, and even sue the manufacturer if it violates the rules,\" Simha said . \".
Manufacturers are trying to figure out how to liquidate the current plastic inventory.
Simha said manufacturers could submit a memorandum to KSPCB that could seek clarification on the matter from the federal environment department.
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