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From the design of luggage and leather goods, see the success or failure of its details

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
The design of luggage and leather products is not purely unconventional from tradition and reality, but to undertake tradition and make appropriate changes or design to a greater extent on the existing basis. Its work is mainly around the market trend to promote the optimization of large-scale production and sales of luggage manufacturers. Leather Design focuses on every detail of the product, reflecting the style characteristics and product quality of each style. The following is a small edition of Xilong luggage to introduce in detail the elements and details of leather goods design. (1) Material refers to the combination of material quality, texture and variety of leather goods, which is one of the elements of leather goods design. Leather is the main material of leather products, which includes genuine leather, recycled leather and artificial leather. Different materials have different characteristics and strength, it directly affects the technological effect, the technical treatment method of components and the durability. In this industry, all kinds of textile materials are matched with leather, and products made by leather production process are also called leather products. (2) Shape, the shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. Whether the appearance of geometry is attractive or not mainly depends on the front shape of the geometry, but for designers, the shapes of the side, top and bottom all play a very important role, each side itself affects each other, and it takes the luggage factory master to seriously combine it in order to make each body beautiful, generous or give people the feeling of deviance. The shapes of bags and handbags include traditional rectangle, square, trapezoid, round, semicircle, Hexagon and so on, as well as the waist shape and gourd shape of beauties in the new era, and the variation shapes of various circles and squares of traditional shapes. Human beings have followed thousands of years of cultural traditions and often prefer traditional forms, while many modern men and women in the new era prefer some'Broken'The shape. (3) Structure refers to the organic combination of the external and internal components of a product through various ways. Here it refers to luggage, computer backpack, leisure bag, etc. , which are made by different processes, it has various structures of one or more objects. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, as well as the use function and performance of a product. For each structure, it can be divided into two design methods: practical and decorative. Practical structure refers to the external slip pocket or attached pocket of the main bag, the internal compartment or some special Assembly; The decorative structure is only for the needs of the design itself and does not have practicability. (4) Accessories often play the finishing point in the design and production of leather products, which is one of the most important contents in leather product design. Accessories have practical accessories and decorative accessories, their main materials are alloy, pure copper, steel, plastic, wood, leather, etc. , the application of electroplating, spray color, sand, grinding glue, laser (Namely laser), Engraving, branding and other processes to make. Practical accessories refer to the parts that have practical functions and performance, and their shapes and patterns can make people give full play to their imagination, including handles of various materials, switch locks, zipper plates, pins, pull rods, pulleys, etc. Decorative hardware refers to pure decorative parts that express various styles and ideas, only have ornamental value and are not practical, and can also be made of various materials. More and more luggage factory Masters engrave, silk screen or laser brand logo on practical accessories, thus replacing simple logo hardware and integrating the logo into practical accessories, create a new atmosphere and new effects of combining two into one.
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