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Four tips to teach you how to customize a good backpack (4)

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Last time we talked about the first three elements of choosing a backpack. Looking back at the first three elements, we have the fabric, lining and straps of the backpack. Today, I will talk to you about the last element of choosing a backpack: buckle for computer backpack. 1. Buckle. The buckle is often the most easily overlooked detail, but it is also the soul of the backpack. In the industry, the quality of the buckle is generally judged by the quality. The top international buckle brands are NIFCO, ITW and Duraflex. An excellent buckle helps you easily adjust the best position of the backpack and the body, so that you can easily complete the loading action, and it is also one of the most important links to reduce the weight. 2. Webbing. The webbing of the backpack is made of polyester, nylon, PP and acrylic. A good backpack is made of nylon with webbing, and the standard of quality is determined by the content of nylon. The best webbing is made of the same pure nylon as the car seat belt. Generally, nylon webbing is first woven and then dyed, so the color of the yarn after cutting will spread the color of the yarn due to uneven dyeing. Nylon webbing is strong and elastic, and is not afraid of pulling, and comfortable webbing will make you more comfortable and light to carry. 3. Zipper. The zipper is the necessity of the seam, and the good zipper is the product. No one wants to drop the chain from time to time, so when choosing the zipper of the backpack, you should choose the zipper with larger and tight teeth, for the computer backpack, it is best to choose a waterproof zipper to effectively protect the computer from moisture damage. Today, four points have been explained. These four points are the main points of choosing a backpack. A really good backpack depends on whether his functionality and other details are satisfied. Often today's enterprises will choose to customize a good backpack as employee benefits, which not only allows luggage professionals to design and manufacture a professional backpack to meet the daily practicality of employees with high quality, after that, the brand image of the enterprise is added with customization, and the image logo of the enterprise is publicized through the internal employees of the enterprise. The end of the year is approaching, are you ready to choose luggage and gift customization?
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