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Four tips to teach you how to customize a good backpack (3)

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
The four great tricks of choosing a backpack have already said two kinds of fabric and lining before, and today we are going to talk about the third one-Straps. The choice of shoulder backpack straps determines the protection of shoulders, so the key points of choosing straps are strong, close-fitting and comfortable. The common shoulder computer bag shoulder strap is commonly used with breathable sandwich net. The breathable sandwich net has various and generous appearance, light texture, superior air permeability, helps absorb body sweat, good resilience and reduces shoulder load. Often used in outdoor backpacks and computer backpacks. Because of its unique 3-dimensional vertical structure, sandwich mesh cloth has the following characteristics: 1. Superior air permeability 2. Resilience, elasticity, providing buffer protection 3. Light texture, easy to wash 4, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, 5, mesh diversity, beautiful and elegant, there is also a backpack shoulder strap is made of diving material, soft feel is very good elasticity, with shockproof, non-slip function, the fashionable and atmospheric appearance makes him quite popular among business people, and he often gives gifts in business activities.
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