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Four tips to teach you how to customize a good backpack (2)

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Choosing a good backpack fabric is one of the important points, and the second important point is the lining used inside the backpack. Below we look at how to choose the lining of the backpack? The backpack lining is mainly used to assist the shape of the product and protect the goods. The main materials used are divided into two types: artificial leather and textile. Artificial leather mainly uses soft varieties, such as soft and elastic sheep-proof leather; At present, the lining materials commonly used in textiles are polyester Taff or Chunya spinning, among which Chunya spinning has better quality and stronger quality, but its price is also higher. At present, professional luggage manufacturers will also develop their own lining. It is best to use polyester lining. Polyester lining has high strength, is not easy to tear, has good thermoplasticity, can accept preheating after the computer is turned off, is not easy to damage, and is also the most cost-effective in terms of price.
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