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Four tips to teach you how to customize a good backpack (1)

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Computers have been an indispensable personal product for people in the 21st century. On the way, the shadow of notebook computers can be seen everywhere in cafes. The upsurge of notebook computers has also driven the market of computer bags. Even if there is a computer bag for buying a notebook, it will make people uncomfortable whether it is in the hand or across the shoulder, and the computer bag with the handle is relatively unsafe, so the shoulder computer bag is born. The characteristic of the backpack is to free your hands, easily carry the computer in and out, and store your belongings together. Naturally, choosing a good backpack will be different from a laptop bag. Choosing fabric is one of the important points of backpack. The backpack is no better than the usual backpack. Because the computer is a load-bearing object, it should be strong and durable when choosing the material. The material of the double-shoulder computer backpack is generally polyester. The polyester computer bag has high strength, and the impact resistance is 4 times higher than that of cotton fiber and 20 times higher than that of viscose fiber. Good elasticity, not easy to deform. Polyester has good air permeability and moisture discharge, and has strong resistance to acid and alkali, ultraviolet rays, and strong wear resistance, which is suitable for mountaineering. The better backpack is made of nylon, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance and water resistance compared with polyester, and poor heat resistance compared with polyester. Nylon is divided into three or six, the greater the density of nylon, the stronger the wear resistance, the smoother the hand feel, and the more waterproof. At present, 420D, 840D and 1680D are common on the market. Enterprises choose year-end gift customization, you can refer to this year's new hot-selling exquisite Milan nylon backpack, splicing layout design, simple and fashionable, very suitable as a business gift and employee benefits. Fashion Milan nylon fabric backpack
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