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Four suggestions for customizing kindergarten schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
In order to enhance the brand image, more and more kindergartens are looking for schoolbag manufacturers to customize schoolbags and distribute uniform styles of schoolbags to children. When customizing kindergarten schoolbags, many kindergarten examination leaders consider their own interests and promotion effects more. Xilong Xiaobian believes that custom-made kindergarten schoolbags still have to consider the design, after all, children are still in the stage of physical development, their safety and health are the most important factors. The following are four suggestions for customizing kindergarten schoolbags, hoping to be helpful to everyone! First, the shoulder straps of kindergarten schoolbags should be as wide as possible, preferably with soft pads, and the seams of the shoulder straps must be firm, which can be more comfortable. Second, kindergarten schoolbags should reduce the use of metal accessories, it is best to choose plastic buttons and zippers, which can reduce the potential danger. Third, the back design of kindergarten schoolbags cannot fully fit the back of children, and should have some lines to facilitate ventilation. Fourth, the kindergarten bag should pay attention to the use of lighter materials, the body weight can not exceed 800 grams, so as not to affect the child's spine development.
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