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Four standards for men's handbags

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
For men, bags are silent, strong and elegant. There is always no escape from the standard of exquisite quality and excellent workmanship. It is the common language between men's hands, but it can express a man's identity, status and taste just by virtue of his appearance without saying a word. 1. Practical bag with this latest long handbag, clothes will not become wrinkled during travel. There are two fixed carrying straps. Under the bag cover, there is a large sewing pocket for small items and a wide and practical opening with zipper. . . . . . Not to mention the four cortical corners, which can provide maximum protection. 2. The power of the brand, the talented and handsome poet Rimbaud, wrote in the poem,' The days ahead will be a century created by hand. ' This poem seems to be written to HERMES and us, especially those who love luxury goods and can afford to pay a high price. 3. The best materials are Grizzly calfskin and Barenia calfskin, Evergrain calfskin and clé Mencetaurillon calfskin two materials to choose from. 4. Star's favorite Birkin bag, Kelly bag-The star bag on the star's hand. Victoria has black, Faye Wong has red, and big S has blue. The victoriaellan 60 handbag produced this time is the men's star bag.
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