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Four selection criteria for business briefcase

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Briefcase is not only a necessity for you to transport documents and all kinds of odds and ends, but also an important manifestation of your personal style. Its practicability is not stronger than canvas backpack, parcel or kraft paper bag, but its appearance can show your personality undoubtedly. The following is a suggestion on choosing briefcase for Xilong luggage. 1. Don't chase trends. The briefcase with high quality should be durable, which is far from being replaced by any fashion. If you insist on choosing the most basic color, you will be able to match and not derail with the fashion, such as black, brown and gray; The material is made of nylon and cowhide, so that the high-quality material highlights the taste. 2. The selection matches the use. With the increasing number of office accessories, you should also consider many factors when choosing briefcase. Your bag may need to match your laptop. Some briefcases are equipped with detachable laptop bags inside. 3. Hierarchy determines briefcase selection. Briefcase for the seniors who require scholars to show their style or engage in the work of lawyers, a slightly old briefcase will give you a dignified bearing; But holding it in the hands of young people will appear too sloppy. Therefore, young people who have just worked should buy a vigorous and fashionable briefcase, or choose a simple color to make it more and more sophisticated with you after years of hard work. 4. The craft of briefcase should be rigorous. The official document computer bag is still a classic choice for the elderly and can be used for more than ten years. However, before paying, in order to ensure that his age and quality are equal, you should carefully check the parts and stitches everywhere, and also weigh whether its weight is convenient.
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