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Four major problems that must be paid attention to in customizing luggage case

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
Luggage case has become one of the luggage tools that people must bring when traveling. The main reason is that the luggage case has a large capacity and is easy and comfortable to use. Therefore, luggage case has become the choice of many consumers. If the enterprise wants to customize personalized luggage case gifts for employees or customers, Xilong luggage reminds that these four major problems must be paid attention to when customizing luggage case. I. Zipper: zipper luggage case is still popular in the market today. Therefore, when customizing luggage case, we must pay attention to the two problems of smooth zipper and water seepage. Zipper connects the upper and lower layers of luggage case, which can protect the safety of articles. Therefore, it is better to choose a zipper luggage case with neat and smooth teeth and waterproof ability. Second, the pull rod: the flexibility of the pull rod of the pull rod box is one of the four major problems that must be paid attention to when customizing the pull rod box. The built-in pull rod box with plastic ring sleeve at the joint between the pull rod and the spring must be selected, because this kind of design of pull rod luggage has strong stability. Third, metal: luggage case metal decorations are also extremely important. Beautiful hardware can not only give people a pleasant visual impact, but also indirectly highlight the quality and grade of luggage case. Therefore, when choosing luggage case hardware accessories, Xilong luggage suggests choosing gold, silver and copper buckles, and it is best to avoid iron metal, mainly because iron is more prone to oxidation, which leads to rust. Four, the wheel: custom luggage case must pay attention to the problem of the wheel, because the wheel is to decide whether the use of luggage case is comfortable and convenient. Xilong luggage suggests to choose customized universal wheel luggage case, because compared with directional wheel, universal wheel is easier, more comfortable and more convenient.
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