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Four details teach you how to choose luggage factory

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Many customers do not know how to choose when choosing a luggage manufacturer. Some directly decide to beat their heads and have a moment of pleasure, but the follow-up cooperation is really painful. There is a way to choose a good luggage factory. Here is how to choose a luggage factory. What details should be paid attention to when choosing luggage manufacturers? First, know people. The level of the luggage factory can also be seen from the sales customer service. Those who speak eloquently should be cautious, those who are full of hype should not believe, and those who can promise any conditions should be more cautious. Second, look at the factory. When looking for a luggage factory, you must go on a field trip and choose a Guangzhou luggage factory where you really have a factory, not a trader who produces goods abroad. Third, look at the details of factory management. For example, worker tooling, factory hygiene, production table operation process, etc. , if a luggage factory does not manage its own workshop, then the management of the product is not much better. Fourth, look at the product details. Why do different luggage factories offer different prices for the same product? The most basic reason is that the materials, accessories and workmanship are different. Xilong luggage has been engaged in luggage processing for 12 years, providing luggage OEM business for thousands of customers. Many customers said that looking for a luggage factory is actually a technical job. The inspection of the factory must not be a cursory look, but to use the eyes to carefully observe the heart to feel. Xilong luggage is believed to be your trustworthy choice!
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