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Four countertop crafts for making luggage

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
At present, luggage is one of the indispensable tools for people, whether it is leisure luggage commonly used by the public, business luggage used by business people, or professional tool kits used by professionals, etc, all can not be separated from the production process of luggage. If you want to customize high-quality bags and bags, Xilong bags will take you to know the four countertops of bags and bags! 1. Slice cutting process: slice cutting process is one of the four table top processes for luggage production. It is to cut the edge slices into certain specifications according to the requirements of the process, so as to make it suitable for the processing requirements of the next process. When cutting the process, pay attention to the joints, folds and folds of the parts, because these details directly determine the quality and appearance of the luggage. 2. The decoration and fitting of the component edge: the decoration and fitting process of the component edge is the second of the four table-top processes of luggage production. This process is widely used in luggage products, and this process is carried out on the basis of the edge of the film, and this is also the basis for sewing the luggage. Edge decoration usually includes dyed edges, Hemming, Hemming, piping, Hemming, etc. 3. Adhesive process: the adhesive process refers to the adhesive process between the fabric and the box or lining. This process requires the adhesive to complete the process of combining the fabric with the box or lining, in general, there are two kinds of bonding processes: the bonding of three-dimensional parts and the bonding of flat parts. 4. Basic sewing process: sewing, as the name implies, is sewing production. The popular point is to connect and sew the parts of the product. The sewing process is to become a completed product after sewing through the connection of zero and parts.
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