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For National Day travel, choose soft box or hard box

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
The National Day holiday is coming soon. I believe that friends have already arranged their plans for the national day trip. At this time, the Xilong luggage manufacturer will ask a question, the national day trip, guys, have you chosen the luggage luggage case? For the national day trip, is it better to choose soft box or hard box? Let's listen to what Xilong bags say about these problems. The trolley case soft box is generally made of cloth material. Because the extensibility of the cloth material is better, the space elasticity of the trolley case is better, when loading luggage, it can be loaded with a little more. For the national day trip, if there are more luggage, it is more practical to choose soft boxes, but because the cloth material is soft as a whole, although the drop resistance and wear resistance of soft box are much higher than those of hard box, the pressure resistance of soft box is not as good as that of hard box, which cannot protect the contents of the box. If there are valuables, it is not recommended to be placed in a soft box to avoid being crushed. The materials commonly used for making hard boxes include PC, ABS, PVC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. The hard boxes made of these materials are relatively stylish as a whole, and relatively compressive and waterproof, it can well protect the items in the box from squeezing, and it is also very convenient to clean. Moreover, the hard box appearance pattern, color, shape and other choices are more, so it is more favored by consumers in the market. However, hard boxes also have many shortcomings. Generally speaking, the body weight of hard boxes is generally heavier than that of soft boxes, and the space is inelastic and relatively fixed, and too much luggage cannot be placed. Moreover, the hard box is easier to scratch, especially the aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which is super easy to scratch, thus affecting the beauty. Soft boxes and hard boxes have their own characteristics. Because consumers have different preferences for luggage, you can choose which kind of material to choose according to your own needs. Warm Reminder, whether it is a soft box or a luggage case, if you take a plane, the size of the boarding machine should not exceed 20 inches. If you exceed it, you must go through the shipping formalities. You should know clearly before you travel.
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