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five things: what can i do to help protect the ocean from plastic?

by:Xilong      2019-08-23
It\'s World Ocean Day and it\'s time to think about how to stop filling the world\'s oceans with plastic.
Saturday is World Ocean Day, a global movement to protect the world\'s oceans.
On the Vancouver Metro, some residents will volunteer to take part in the shoreline clean-up, while others may consider how to stop a large number of singles
Use plastic to pollute water, harm wildlife, and produce greenhouse gas emissions.
A 2016 report from the World Economic Forum found that if we continue to use disposable items by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
Obviously, we have to change. But how?
More and more people use reusable cups in their daily coffee, bring their bags to the grocery store and refuse to buy bottled water.
But what about everyday items that many other people don\'t like, such as plastic toothbrushes, self-sealing bags, takeout
Besides tableware and deodorant sticks?
There are a lot of problems to solve, so here are some tips to start.
Refuse plastic straws and cutlery. Demand change.
Ask the waiter or fast food restaurant to skip the straw before they give it to you.
If you really like to use straw, there are some alternatives made of steel or bamboo.
You can buy a set of bamboo tableware, including straws and cleaners, chopsticks, forks, spoons and knives.
To save space in your bag, they roll up.
If you order takeout
Plastic cutlery is not required.
You don\'t need it if you are at home.
Place reusable cutlery at your desk or custom backpacks to avoid having to get plastic forks and spoons for lunch time.
Write an email to the clothing company asking them to stop using plastic labels on clothes or ask the manager when to stop using plastic items.
When ordering products online, ask the seller to mail them without plastic packaging.
Every year, ditch plastic toothbrushes and razors billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away, generating about 50 million pounds of waste each year.
Like a plastic toothbrush, the bamboo brush needs to be replaced frequently, about every three months, but the handle of the bamboo toothbrush only takes about six months to biodegradable, the plastic toothbrush will never be broken in the environment.
So is the plastic Shaver.
It is estimated that 0. 2 billion plastic razors are discarded each year.
Consider using a reusable metal shaver instead.
Don\'t buy new plastic toys, no matter if their toys are new or not, there are a lot of parent groups and exchanges online to find used toys.
Also, it\'s time to reconsider the gift bags at the children\'s birthday party.
They are usually filled with dollar stores, cheap plastic items that most kids don\'t end up using, and end up being thrown into the trash can.
Replace gift bags with books or homemade food.
Bread, agricultural products, etc. must bring their own bags.
Choose bread from a paper bakery and bring a mesh bag and reusable shopping custom backpacks to buy your product.
Many meat counters will weigh your product and give you a price to put on your own reusable container.
Milk can also be purchased in glass containers that can be returned.
Learn to like bulk bins.
Use your mesh bag to buy everything from cereals and nuts to children\'s foods such as dried fruit or candy.
Read labels on personal care products, refill, and purchase products in cans behind bulk liquid distribution taps and jarsLinh Truong, open kitchen staple food next to soap pharmacy
Waste shops selling soap and beauty products in bulk or refillable form.
Gerry Kahrmann/png do not buy anything with beads or anything that contains polyethylene (a plastic.
Also, consider switching to paper soap instead of plastic bottles.
Deodorant can now be found in glass jars, hair products and other cosmetics can also be found.
You can also make some of these products yourself.
For example, baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil can act as deodorant.
Check out a shop in your area with beauty and cleaning products that can be refilled.
Source: 4 ocean, my life without plastic, read more about climate change related. Read the latest Vancouver Metro news click here to report typos.
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